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November 30, 2023
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Wajir governor announces county government’s ownership and management of boreholes

Wajir Governor, Ahmed Jiir

Starting from July 1st, 2023, the county government of Wajir will assume ownership and operation of all boreholes in the county. Governor Ahmed Abdullahi shared this information during a meeting with the Senate County Public Investment and Special Committee. The county assembly is currently reviewing a water bill aimed at changing the management of water resources and improving revenue generation for the Wajir Water and Sanitation Company.

The governor acknowledged that there may be resistance from some communities, as certain boreholes predate the establishment of the county government. However, Governor Abdullahi stated that any community refusing to hand over their borehole will not receive maintenance funding from the county government starting from July 1st.

Wajir County, known for its arid conditions, has more than 350 boreholes scattered across its vast territory, but their management practices are not standardized. The governor expressed his belief that bringing the boreholes under the management of the county government will enhance the revenue generated by the water company.

During the meeting, senators raised concerns about the management of water companies, particularly regarding the accounting of revenue. The committee chairperson, Senator Godfrey Otsotsi, highlighted that the auditor general had reported that 82% of the water revenue was unaccounted for. The committee requested the presence of the former governor to provide an explanation.

Taking into consideration the auditor general’s findings, the Senate watchdog committee directed the governor to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the water company.

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