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July 20, 2024
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“Visionone Industries Ltd: Pioneering Water Solutions in Africa’s Pursuit for Sustainability”

Patrick Kiongera, General Manager, Visionone Industries Ltd.


We are delighted to introduce our esteemed readers to Visionone Industries Limited, a pioneering company dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of water scarcity in Africa. Co-founded by esteemed visionaries, Dr. George and Elizabeth Kiongera, the company aspires to play a pivotal role in restoring water security across the continent.

In pursuit of this noble vision, Visionone Construction International, a sister company, initiated the construction of Visionone Industries on a sprawling 10-acre plot of land on July 1st, 2017. Strategically located in the Kabatini ward of Bahati constituency in Nakuru city, Kenya, the factory comprises three distinct divisions that form the core of its operations:

  1. Pipe Manufacturing Division: Within this division, a wide range of pipes, including PVC pipes for pressure, waste, down, drainage, and conduit purposes, as well as PPR, HDPE, and drip irrigation pipes, are meticulously produced through a state-of-the-art extrusion moulding process.
  2. Water Tanks Manufacturing Division: The Water Tanks Manufacturing division specializes in the production of cylindrical tanks with capacities ranging from 500 to 10,000 litres, as well as rectangular loft tanks ranging from 230 to 920 litres. These tanks are manufactured using a cutting-edge rotational biaxial process.
  3. Injection/Blow Moulding Products Division: This division serves as a creative hub where an extensive array of products, including plates, buckets, cups, laundry baskets, fuel containers, water containers, and food packaging dishes, are manufactured. Additionally, our laboratory conducts continuous research and development projects, enabling us to mould custom products to meet the evolving needs of our esteemed clientele.

Since its inception, Visionone Industries has established itself as a premier manufacturer of high-quality plastic products, employing ultramodern plastic production machines. Our resounding success story thus far is a testament to the collective expertise, professionalism, customer-centric approach, innovation, creativity, and unwavering reliability of our exceptional team. We are committed to pursuing a strategic framework designed to attain unparalleled customer satisfaction.

In line with our unwavering dedication, we wholeheartedly pledge our steadfast support to the advancement of water, sanitation, construction, and injection moulding products in Africa. Our unyielding pursuit of excellence propels us to remain at the forefront of plastic manufacturing, firmly establishing Visionone Industries as the preeminent plastic hub of the African continent.


Patrick Kiongera

General Manager, Visionone Industries Ltd

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