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May 23, 2024

Ruto allocates Sh14.4bn for forest and water towers conservation

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u presents the 2023-24 Budget in Parliament

President Ruto has dedicated a significant amount of funds, totaling Sh14.4 billion, towards the preservation of forests and water towers. This represents an increase in expenditure compared to previous years. However, the budget for expanding access to clean water for domestic and agricultural use has been reduced by over Sh2 billion, now amounting to Sh43.3 billion in Ruto’s inaugural budget, down from Sh45.9 billion last year.

During the budget presentation in Parliament, Njuguna Ndung’u, the Treasury CS, outlined the allocation of funds. He designated Sh12.4 billion for water resource management and reduced the allocation for water storage and flood control to Sh1.6 billion from last year’s Sh9.8 billion.

Ndung’u emphasized that environmental conservation and addressing the impacts of climate change are central to the government’s socioeconomic transformation agenda. To support these objectives, the budget includes allocations of Sh19.7 billion for irrigation and land reclamation and Sh1.9 billion for water harvesting and storage. The allocation for irrigation and land reclamation has increased from Sh8.5 billion in the previous year.

In line with the government’s commitment to environmental and water conservation, Ndung’u has set aside Sh14.4 billion specifically for the preservation of forests and water towers. Additionally, the budget includes an increase of Sh3.8 billion for environmental management and protection, Sh1.5 billion for the Meteorological Service, and Sh1.1 billion for compensating human-wildlife conflict.

In recognition of the global significance of climate change, the government has allocated Sh800 million towards improving wildlife insurance and Sh3.6 billion for financing local climate action projects.

Ndung’u also mentioned that President Ruto will lead a national tree champion campaign to promote increased forest cover in the country. Furthermore, the Kenya Kwanza government has earmarked Sh400 million for the maintenance of access roads and airstrips leading to parks.

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