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December 7, 2023
Water Movers & Shakers

Poa Tanks offer durability, convenient water storage

Over the past several years, demand for quality and durable water storage tanks has peaked, in tandem with growing needs for both rural-urban clientele and consumer market base. With the climate-change driven adverse drought and water restrictions becoming a way of life, the need to capture every drop of rainwater has never been more important.
As a result, there has been a remarkable shift towards seeking cost-effective product options, and more pocket friendly against the backdrop of rising inflation.  In an effort to serve consumer needs, Kenya’s leading manufacturers of Rotationally moulded Water storage tanks and assorted customized merchandise – Jumbo Quality Products Limited has been at forefront in providing affordable and long serving range of products.
Consumer research
“The availability of affordable, quality water storage tanks for average citizens still remains a major challenge. But as a vision-driven and pro-active solutions provider, we strive to ensure provision of pocket-friendly quality alternatives against rising demand for our products,” says Mr. Rupen Budhdeo, the Managing Director.
In an exclusive Water Magazine interview, the MD notes that cost-effectiveness is the engine driving the shift to offer quality products amidst a competitive market. The Kenyan based Company started business in 2011 engaging in manufacturing, distribution and sales of top quality Water tanks under the brand name of “POA TANK”.
“We stepped up efforts to strengthen our product portfolio and introduced new niche products based on Customer requirements and consumer research. Our products are available in all leading Hardware shops in rural and urban markets” notes the Director.
Tailor-made products
Jumbo Quality’s range of products targets both low and even high-end markets, thus in effect providing affordable water storage solutions – a notable breakthrough informed by interactive consumer research, spanning years of product trial tests for safety and efficiency. The option for tailor-made products is a strategic measure aiming to cushion its emerging consumer base by offering affordable spending.
This trend is on the spiral locally owing to significant reduction in consumers’ purchasing power.  Currently, the firm produces a variety of Cylindrical and Underground tanks ranging in sizes and capacity from 250 litres to 12,000 litres while the Loft tanks available can store from 250 litres up to 1000 litres, besides several other customized products.
As a quality conscious company, the firm’s management is fully committed, and often goes out of their way to ensure the provision of all-round customer service and satisfaction, inclusive of delivery of products on time. There have been instances where owing to acts of omission or even ignorance, some Customers fail to adhere to clearly outlined instructions and guidelines for installation of tanks they purchase.
Cases have arisen whereby some plumbers in practice may not be conversant with Installation leading to damage to the tanks. The firm therefore insists and cautions customers on why it is important to work with skilled professionals simply because they care about after-sales services. In addition, Jumbo Quality Products Ltd offers a written warranty as a commitment “because we value our Customers”.
The range of water tanks and accessories manufactured are essentially designed to economically ‘capture’, ‘store’ and ‘direct’ available water,  ensuring not only additional supply but reducing demand on precious community resources. The firm’s business ethos are guided by the vision to manufacture and provide quality products that not only meet and exceed customers’ expectations but are also available across the country.
Value for clients
In addition, the management believes in nurturing the workforce and local talent guided by the goal to create a performance culture – collaborating with customers and suppliers to create mutual enduring value, profit and productivity.
Apart from water storage tanks, the company’s plastic products range from Out-door Pit latrines & Hand-wash stations to Roller drums, Septic/Underground tanks and assorted farm troughs. Others include Toilet seats, Flower pots, Sun loungers, Multi-purpose troughs, Heavy duty Flower pots & buckets, Garbage/Waste Bins & Watchman huts.
“We pride ourselves as a firm that thinks and seeks to address our clientele needs – incidentally this is our motto We Think Like A Customer – we ensure our products ease the lives of the end users,” remarks Mr. Budhdeo. Besides striving to live up to Jumbo Quality Products mission ‘to be a world class leader in the manufacturing and distribution of quality goods’, the promise to offer value to their clientele is also
of paramount importance.
Basic human comfort
“Whenever a farmer for instance, living in rural parts of the country intends to purchase a water storage tank[s], they plan for it and even save for months. We consider this as their long-term investment – and we cannot afford to fail in fulfilling our customer’s needs,” adds the director. This approach entails putting consumer requirements at the core of the manufacturing company’s range of products and hence the initiative to take into consideration basic human comfort, value for money and tailor-made product designs.
On some instances, potential customers approach the firm with orders for specific products unavailable in the market. “We are flexible for such orders, as long as they are substantive.” he explains.
Product Quality
The POA TANK’s brand name, coined using a Kiswahili slang word Poa – denoting Best, stands out as one of Jumbo Quality’s popular products. The above-ground tanks and in-house Loft tanks come with a 10 year warranty. Ideally, all water tanks, irrespective of size or capacity, are of high quality and double layered with an expected lifespan of over 30 years.
POA TANKS are manufactured using Food Grade Polyethylene and are approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.
The firm advises customers to ensure that correct site preparation, installation and preservation is carried out to benefit the life span of the product. All tanks come with Installation Guidelines & Do’s & Don’t’s so that the Customers get a basic understanding on how the Tank is to be installed. These Guidelines are also available on the Company’s Website (www.jumboquality.com)
Rotational moulding
Our products are manufactured using Rotational Moulding technology widely considered as a highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities.  “We take pride and have full confidence in the enduring quality and service for our range of products. POA TANKs are UV-stabilized – making them highly resistant and ideal for withstanding extreme weather conditions.
An eye for quality
By manufacturing them using food grade polyethylene, this ensures the tanks are hygienic for storage besides being non-toxic, non-absorbent and resistant to water borne algae growth over a span of time. Furthermore, POA TANKs are double layered, making them durable, strong and long lasting.
These varied factors guarantee the firm’s wide range of water storage solutions to not only be consumer friendly but also manufactured in a manner that makes the products cost effective and suitable for every budget.
With Depots located in Ahero, Athi-River and Mombasa coupled with a good distribution network in place and a dynamic experienced work force, Jumbo Quality Products Ltd is constantly committed to providing best quality products with prompt service delivery.
The firm has an in-house fleet of vehicles enough to guarantee supply of purchased products within a minimum of 24 to 48 working hours depending on the client’s delivery destination.
The transportation logistics are co-owned in partnership with affiliated companies namely Jumbo Foam Mattresses Industries Limited – manufacturers of Foam mattresses, Cushions and Foam sheets and Novixa International Ltd, distributors of farm fertilizers and agricultural inputs.
Water storage solutions
Nonetheless, Jumbo Quality Products Ltd’s growth strategy, primarily seeks to introduce a wider variety of products, break into new markets and also entrench their foothold in regions where the firm has made inroads.
“This vision is part of our goal to spread our consumer markets possibly to the greater East African regional countries. Our expansion drive entails tailor-made new products and also making ventures into virgin markets,” adds Mr. Budhdeo.
His parting shot: “Jumbo Quality Products Limited is committed to Re-thinking Water Storage solutions through good design and quality production methods. We strongly believe that Water is life! Don’t waste it! Every drop counts!

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