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Nutrition Facts About Water

Nutritionists accept that water is an essential element in life to stay healthy.

This is often misinterpreted, contrary to a number of water-related myths in the world. There is
no scientific evidence that supports the notion that drinking too much water leads to better health and help avoid dehydration.

There should be a measurable quantity to be consumed so as to maintain the desired health value.

Nutritional Content of Water

In the middle school science class, it’s clear that water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Scientist records that water is healthy, but not nutritious. It does not contain any calories, fat, protein, or carbohydrates in it.

Water is life

Consuming reasonable amount of water is good for our health, it’s important to note that the body needs and uses water to function well, so the value for water is better understood in terms of replenishment. The body constantly loses fluid through sweating, breathing, and during the process of excrement.

Having enough fluids in the body is important therefore drinking water replaces that loss liquid and facilitates a normal functioning of the body.

Drinking Water for fun

We know drinking water is essential to health but why does drinking eight glasses of water per day so challenging?

The answer is related to simple survival mechanisms. Why do you think we have taste buds? Scientists believe taste buds serve a basic function of survive, it help determine whether we should swallow what’s already in the mouth or spit.

Water characteristics and importance in the body

It’s important to note that water is odorless, tasteless, and mostly colorless.

  • Water helps regulate body fluids
  • Water helps with digestion
  • Water prevents muscle fatigue and dehydration
  • Water supports the kidney’s process of ridding the body of toxins

Creating self awareness to help you drink more water.

In your quest to have good health, it’s important to create self understand of your body needs. Self-awareness has to drive you to drink more water daily. Having good knowledge of the importance of water to the body. We quench thirst by drinking water, it’s also good to have positive notion about health benefits of water and develop a good taste for it.

Having good taste for water makes it tasty and good for health

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