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December 3, 2023
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Insta-Pumps Group: Kenya’s leading industrial drilling experts

Insta-Pumps Group LLC – described as one of Kenya’s leading water supply contractors, with a bias for baseline industrial drilling operations – undertakes specialized down-hole drilling procedures for bulk and high flow intakes. To complete the cycle of operations Insta-Pumps is a one-off house that provides the added scope of robust pump installation works, storage through design and fabrication of steel sectional tanks and transmission through bulk water supply pipelines.
The company, established in 1999, is credited with an operational lifeline of over 20 years. At inception, Insta-Pumps embarked on consultancy practices in an evolve and transform program of Lee ward Mt. Kenya into the current horticultural and floricultural hotspot of the recent times.
Economic performance
The company took lead role in transformation of the 12,000 acres of Wangu Embori Farm from a large scale dairy and wheat farm into a hived off horticultural farm to improve its economic performance through exports. Several outsourced Valley Irrigation Systems – an American Multinational – provided the mechanized Central Pivot Irrigation systems, supported by Borehole intakes to deliver close to 3.0 million liters of water daily. Insta-Pumps list of clientele and project partners grew gradually beyond the initial business customers base with eventual overspill of contracts into World Bank funded projects in Nairobi, Central Kenya, Western and Rift Valley regions.
With a marked presence in 26 counties, the firm has stamped authority as a market leader in qualitative transfer of water supply construction standards across the country. There is a marked effort to shift the business practice to utility systems, water bulking and treatment for urban supplies. Over two decades later, Insta-Pumps Group’s capacity and range of services is no longer restricted to drilling basic boreholes.
Quality assurance
The firm has embraced provision of specialized equipment to different sectors clientele. The fact that the products and packages offered to water sector enterprises are sought-after and in high demand – is an acknowledgement of customer satisfaction and also a mark of quality assurance in an industry known to be considerably competitive. Insta-Pumps flagship assignments, include groundwater support facilities for the nation’s capital infrastructure projects viz:
– The Standard Gauge Railway [SGR] project in both the Syokimau and Makindu camps.
– The dualling of the Thika-Nairobi Highway
– The Kiambu Phase I Water Supply works under World Bank
– The Informal Settlements Water Supply schemes of the Nairobi’s Slum project under the French Fund – AFD
-The Development of Communal Water supplies in Nandi, Trans Nzoia, Kakamega, Busia, Bungoma and Nyanza Counties under World Bank’s program – WaSSIP.
The Utility Type Projects:
– Enhancement of water treatment facility and installation of 300mm transmission mains – Sabasaba water supply project.
– Construction of water supply augments facilities – for the fire stations in Urban Nairobi under the World Bank fund.
Technical expertise
With consolidated gross revenue in excess of Kshs. 1.0 billion from the Donor segment, Insta-Pumps Group has set performance pace in the construction forum and leads in multi-disciplinary application of engineering practices. According to Insta-Pumps Group’s Technical Director, J. N. Gosho, varied factors have propelled the firm among preferred specialists by a growing list of clientele seeking industrial drilling; one-stop services on a turnkey basis. Top on the list of multiple benefits the company provides is value proposition. “We market our brand by offering a fully-fledged, all-round package inclusive of professional technical and skilled expertise in design and execution of government and private sector partners projects,” notes Mr. Gosho. Kenya Pipeline Company also tapped their technical expertise to construct bulk supply boreholes, drilling, equipment installation of groundwater facilities along project camps on the pipeline stretch from Mombasa to Nairobi.
Among highlights of Insta-Pumps Group’s engagements are varied initiatives undertaken in the past decade, contracted by World Bank and Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD) – France based public development subsidiary bank devoted to private sector financing. The World Bank project entailed drilling and equipping bulk water supply boreholes in the Kiambu County.
Foundational aspirations
Two independent Water Supply and Sanitation points were constructed under Nairobi Informal Settlements Water and Sanitation Improvement Project [NISWASIP] with AFD funding. The drilling and equipping of bulk clean water supply boreholes was undertaken in Kibera, Kariobangi, Mathare and Lunga Lunga informal neighbourhoods. Insta-Pumps is now committed to its foundational aspirations: being trendsetters and raise the bar as Kenya’s best drilling contractor comparable to the best international standards. “We always strive to demonstrate excellent levels of business performance, professionalism and integrity hinged on the principle we must set the example that an indigenous African organization can compete at highest level in its selected field of activity,” asserts Mr. Gosho. Guided by its corporate mission, the firm’s projects identify suitable water supplies besides focusing on select market segments and dedicated pursuit of excellence in all activities. Particular control is placed on the firm’s operations. “In the industrial borehole segment, we enlisted a team of highly professional surveyors and Gis experts to reduce risk of potentially dry boreholes. We also develop a site specific investigation program to collect aquifer data and recommend a location to drill a productive well,” he adds. Using state-of-the-practice geophysical techniques or a water resource database, Insta-Pumps designs varied projects against specific outputs.
Irrigation fed systems
These elements then implement an aquifer characterization program to determine site specific, sustainable well-yields and design specifications for client’s sites. Technically, any development to supply water from drilled boreholes or surface water sources requires integration of engineering and hydro-geological process – a template to complements construction specifics. “Our specialist engineers can merge baseline design and develop construction into a cohesive operation to guarantee complete service for equipment design, installation, and enforce maintenance and online monitoring,” adds Mr Gosho.
Insta-Pumps Group’s equipment and services provided to clientele are diverse inclusive of effective, practical domestic water supplies solutions. The services have had positive impact for steadily growing floricultural and horticultural segments water supplies – effectively curving its niche by investing in strategic storage and sectional steel tanks division. “We have evolved our water supplies drilling, pumping and transmission concept to an industrial scale. We bring the same to corporate East Africa region as a market leader and innovator. Our industrial irrigation fed systems from borehole sources achieved functionality for periods exceeding 15-years; with bulk outputs in excess of 100m3/hr to transform Mt. Kenya into horticultural flowers exports hotspots,” he concludes.

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