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December 4, 2023
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Davis & Shirtliff introduces groundbreaking solar-powered water treatment plant

Water and energy-related equipment supplier, Davis & Shirtliff, has introduced an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective water treatment plant that operates without batteries. The newly launched ‘Dayliff Battery-less Solar RO plant’ aims to tap into the growing off-grid zero-emission desalination market.

By harnessing power directly from solar PV panels, the system eliminates the need for additional energy storage equipment. Philip Holi, the technical director at Davis & Shirtliff, believes this innovative solution will revolutionize solarized water treatment applications. The plant offers reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential sectors.

The system’s versatility allows users to utilize solar power, generator input, or mains power, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a power source loss. This feature minimizes downtime, maximizing uptime for commercial water treatment vendors. Additionally, the plant can incorporate an advanced monitoring system that provides real-time oversight of critical parameters, such as energy consumption, run hours, water production, and remote control functionality. This monitoring system adds intelligence to the plant, contributing to climate change adaptation and improved water security.

The global shift towards renewable energy sources has created a demand for innovative solutions in water treatment applications. Research firm Research And Markets predicts that the green desalination market will reach $35 billion (Sh4.8 trillion) by 2028, further highlighting the potential growth and significance of this sector.

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