More than 40,000 households in Turkana and West Pokot are receiving clean water to in a Sh35 million project help them survive the drought.

Eighty tanks containing 10,000 litres have been dispatched since November to schools and institutions. More are expected

The state is implementing the drought mitigation project in the two counties under the National Drought Management Authority. It is coordinated by the North Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency.

Agency chairman David Chemweno and the agency’s board members have flagged off 80 water tanks.

“We have been trucking water since November and it has gone a long way to help affected families access clean water,” Chemweno said. Water CS Sicily Kariuki has ensured the required support.

“We are hoping to get more assistance because what we are doing now is on a small scale, considering that very many people are affected by the drought,” Chemweno said.

He said contracts had already been drawn up for firms that will construct foundations for the 80 tanks.

Acting CEO of the North Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency Recho Makhokha the programme has four components: water trucking supply, delivery of tanks, repair pf strategic boreholes and a fuel subsidy programme to support diesel systems.

The agency also supports existing water supplies at Kawasis and Lowaso implemented by the water service providers in respective counties.

“In water trucking, we are currently making more than six trips per day to ensure that we fill up the water bourses that are easily accessed by the communities,” Makohoka said.

Chemweno said the agency was undertaking major programmes including dams to ensure the regions have-long term solutions to the water shortage.