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December 1, 2023
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42% of Kenyan water is lost through leaks and theft- Says WASPA

The Water Services Providers Association (WASPA) recently released a report which showed that forty-two percent of Kenyan clean water is lost through leakages, theft and meter inaccuracies.

WASPA confirmed the country requires SH 100 billion to refurbish the existing water facilities while other 8billion is lost annually due to poor governance.

Waspa Chairman Daniel Ng’ang’a acknowledged that water leakages and theft by cartels is a serious threat in efforts to provide clean and safe drinking water in the country. He was addressing the biannual meeting at Steers Hotel in Meru County on February this year.

Mr Ng’ang’a, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Murang’a Water and Sewerage Company said that he was very committed to provide accurate meters and billing methodology so as to curb inefficiencies in the water sector.

“We also need employment of professionals to run the water utilities. As Waspa, we are helping in capacity building of water companies’ staff to enable them deal with emerging challenges.”, Mr Nga’ng’a said.

According to Mr Ng’ang’a, WASPA will initiate the promotion of creating extensive public awareness to enable all the citizens to use water sustainably and reduce the illegal cartels.

While Waspa Chief Executive Mr. Antony Ambugo says is goig to create better polices on pre-paid meters, valves, pipes and pumps to eliminate water loss.

Addition, Mr Ambugo stated they will employ use of geographical information system (GIS) technology to establish the correct location of meters and pipes.

“We now have equipment for calibrating water meters to reduce inaccuracies. We have also received funding to the tune of Sh4 billion to finance smart metering in various counties,” Mr Ambugo said.

He also asked all the relevant stakeholders in the water sector to help in reduction of pumping power costs by use of renewable sources of energy such as wind, biogas and solar.

Mr Ambugo urged the government to review water taxes to enable every person access the utility.WASPA manages and coordinates seventy water bodies in the country.


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