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July 24, 2024
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Acts for Water and rotary clubs unite to bring clean water to remote Uganda

A nonprofit organization based in Richmond is collaborating with local and international Rotary clubs to bring clean water to a remote area in Uganda. Acts for Water is dedicated to ensuring safe and clean drinking water for approximately 14,000 residents in Ibanda, a district in the southwest region of Uganda. According to Jeff Golby, CEO of Acts for Water, one in three children in this remote region lacks access to safe drinking water.

ACTS of water CEO Mr. Jeff Golby
ACTS for water CEO Mr. Jeff Golby. Photo: courtesy

The uniqueness of this area lies in its existing clean water sources located high up in the hills. Through the use of innovative technology and community involvement, Acts for Water aims to provide sustainable, clean, and safe water to the residents. The project involves constructing a gravity-flow system, drawing water from an aquifer and distributing it to tap stands strategically placed near homes, schools, and community centers.

In contrast to the current situation where people must trek long distances to access water from a swamp, the new system will allow them to conveniently access safe water by stepping outside their doors. Over the next six months, more than 400 local volunteers will be involved in activities such as digging trenches, clearing brush, laying pipes, channeling water into a reservoir tank, and constructing tap stands.

Following the construction phase, the nonprofit’s hygiene and sanitation team will lead a 12-month community program. This program includes building latrines in schools and educating families on the importance of handwashing and maintaining a clean kitchen. The aim is to prevent diseases such as COVID-19 and waterborne illnesses.

Acts for Water is collaborating with local Richmond Rotary clubs, including Richmond Sunrise, which has been a partner for four years. Other participating Rotary clubs include Tsawwassen and a local Ugandan club. Rotary International is also providing support. The collaboration involves coaching and participation in ground-breaking ceremonies, along with fundraising efforts by Lower Mainland Rotaries to financially support the nonprofit.

Upon completion of the construction phase, the Richmond Rotary clubs will be invited to Ibanda for the inauguration of the water supply. The anticipated impact of the project includes an increase in the enrollment of young girls in school, as the availability of clean water will reduce the time spent walking to and from distant water sources. Additionally, it is expected that the lowest income earners in the community will more than double their income, and waterborne diseases will be eliminated.

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