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December 5, 2023
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State urged to connect Kabondo, Kasipul to water

Six decades since independence, Kenya finds itself grappling with a severe water crisis, with over half of its population lacking access to clean water

State urged to connect Kabondo, Kasipul to water

Residents of three villages in Kabondo West, Kabondo Kasipul, have submitted a plea to the government, requesting the provision of water and electricity services in their area.

Over 500 households residing in Kamwagi, Kolal, and Karateng villages have been grappling with water scarcity for numerous years.

Additionally, they desire the establishment of a sublocation to bring national government services closer to their vicinity.

Peter Keya, Selina Juma, Pamela Adhiambo, and Lawrence Ouma Seda presented their petition to John Odek, a local representative appointed to the board at Kenya Utalii College.

Keya stated, “We urge the Ministry of Interior and Coordination to establish a sublocation near us for convenient access to services. Many elderly individuals face significant challenges when traveling to Ramula to seek assistance.”

Juma, an 82-year-old resident, and Adhiambo, who is disabled, expressed their difficulties due to the persistent water shortage in the area.

Juma remarked, “Our lives have become challenging due to the lack of water. River Awach is seasonal and unreliable.”

Adhiambo added, “During the dry seasons, disabled and elderly individuals face immense hardship. We appeal to the government for swift assistance.”

Seda emphasized that the absence of electricity is disrupting business operations and education in the region. The three villages have been without power for over three months since six utility poles collapsed.

The affected facilities include Kowuor dispensary, Kowuor market, and Masogo, Kola, and Suna primary schools. Owiro Secondary School is also experiencing a power outage.

Seda urged, “The government should restore power to enable us to resume our normal business activities.”

Odek pledged to present their grievances to the relevant authorities.

“Establishing a sublocation will spare people from undertaking long journeys to access services in Ramula. The residents have generously donated land to establish an office for the assistant chief,” Odek explained.

They also noted that the creation of such administrative boundaries would create employment opportunities.

“Continuing the rural electrification project is crucial to connect the villagers,” he added.

Odek suggested the drilling of boreholes to provide homes with water.

The Oyugis Water Supply Project, financed by the government in collaboration with the African Development Bank, was initially intended to provide water connections to the villages.

If fully implemented and expanded, the project could supply water to over 120,000 households.

“To expedite water access, the Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency and Lake Basin Development Authority can dig boreholes,” proposed Odek.

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